Generating set
Generating set
Generating set
Cable wire tagging
Inside check
Inside check
Inside check
Check Shieds cables
Load impact recorder
Tank anode
Plate name
Fuel tank sensor
Warning labels
Emergency button
CO2 measurement
Noise level
Vibrations check
ISO8528-05 Frequency
ISO8528-05 Voltage

Tests/Examination Genset

- General aspect (painting, finishing, weldings, fixings…)

- Size (measurements …)

- Manufacturer’s plates

- Protection against direct contact (bus bar...)

- Connecting points (bus bar, input/output Diesel oil...)
- Circuit breaker control (pole number, trigger threshold…)

- Safety test
- Oil pressure

- Water temperature
- Emergency push button
- Water low level
- Checking of the indicators on the control panel

- Visual checking of the circuits for no leak

- cooling system.

- oil system.

- diesel oil system
Checking that there are no abnormal vibrations or noises

Checking of the start and stop cycle
Load impacts (according ISO 8528-05)

The load impacts measurements are made at several stages of the nominal power with a flat deck plotter.

The voltage and frequency transitory are recorded for each impact.

0% - 25% - 50% - 75%

On load test: 0% - 25% - 50% - 75% - 100%

At each of these levels, at the end of the time given will be recorded: the parameters:

Voltage, frequency, intensity, power, oil pressure, water temperature engine.
- Running test/FAT

- Emission CO, CO2

- Vibration, noise level.